Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[Soft] Fraps 3.5.9 Full - Ph?n m?m quay Game chuy�n d?ng

B?n t? h?i: "L�m th? n�o d? c� th? ghi l?i c�c do?n clip h�nh ?nh trong game" ? C�u tr? l?i r?t don gi?n: "Chu?n b? m?t ph�n v�ng 10GB+ v� 1 ph?n m?m Fraps l� b?n ho�n to�n c� th? l�m du?c nhu v?y" .

H�y d?c b�i vi?t du?i d�y v� chu?n b? l�m nh?ng do?n tuy?t m? n�o.

� B?n click v�o bi?u tu?ng Fraps tr�n Desktop, n� s? hi?n chuong tr�nh v� c� m?t bi?u tu?ng xu?t hi?n ? SystemTray

� Tab eral: Ch?a nh?ng th�ng tin dang k�, phi�n b?n ph?n m?m. B?n c� th? cho Fraps t? ch?y khi kh?i d?ng m�y b?ng c�ch d�nh d?u t�y ch?n Run Fraps When Starts v� Start Fraps Minimized

� Tab FPS: Tab n�y s? hi?n t�nh tr?ng khung h�nh hi?n th?i c?a b?n, b?n c� th? d�ng t�y ch?n n�y d? theo d�i kh? nang "gi?t" c?a card d? h?a m�y b?n. N?u kh�ng c?n th� d�nh d?u ch?n Disabled

� Tab : ��y s? l� noi thi?t l?p th�ng s? cho vi?c quay , bao g?m:

� Folder to save in: Thu m?c luu tr? , b?n nh?n Change v� View d? thay d?i ho?c xem

� Capture Hot: �?t ph�m n�ng d? ghi. V� d? nhu khi v�o Shaiya th� ?n F9 d? Fraps b?t d?u ghi v� ?n th�m m?t l?n F9 n?a d? Stop

� Record Sound: N?u b?n c� thu c? �m thanh th� d�nh d?u ch?n

� Half Size - Full Size: Ch?n k�ch thu?c d? thu, t?t nh?t l� b?n n�n d? Half Size cho dung lu?ng kh�ng "n?" qu� to

� 25fps - 30fps .....: Khung h�nh khi ghi, t�y theo card d? h?a c?a b?n m� b?n ch?n khung h�nh cho m�nh, n?u quay train level ho?c GuildWar th� t?t nh?t d? 30fps

� No Cursor - No Sync: N?u b?n kh�ng mu?n Fraps thu c? h�nh con tr? chu?t ho?c s? d?ng Vsync th� ch?n hai t�y ch?n n�y

� Tab ScreenShot: N?u b?n gh�t ch?t lu?ng ?nh ch?p c?a Shaiya th� b?n c� th? s? d?ng Fraps d? t? capture m�n h�nh v� luu ? c�c d?nh d?ng kh�c nhau, d?c bi?t l� n� c� th? xu?t ra BMP nguy�n g?c v?i h�nh ?nh trong game

S? d?ng Fraps :

B?n h�y thi?t l?p c�c m?c ? v� thu g?n Fraps xu?ng SystemTray. Sau d� v�o game v� nh?n Hot d? chuong tr�nh b?t d?u thu, n�n nh? l� Fraps s? ghi ra Uncompressed n�n dung lu?ng r?t cao (1-2 ph�t = 500MB), v� v?y t�i khuy?n c�o n�n thu c?t do?n d? d?m b?o dung lu?ng. Sau d� c� th? d�ng c�c ph?n m?m bi�n t?p nhu Maker d? Design v� n?i ch�ng l?i v?i nhau. Cu?i c�ng d�ng m?t ph?n m?m Converter d? chuy?n d?nh d?ng.


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